We’re pet friendly and it’s good for you.

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Halliday Shores Retirement Central Coast

At Halliday Shores Retirement Village, your dog is as welcome as you are

Here’s 5 top reasons why a pet is good for you in older age:

1. Companionship – Pets can be a great source of company as we get older. Pets mold their schedule and personality to you. They are always happy to see you and share your company.

2. Exercise – Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age. Having a dog is a great way to make exercise part of your daily routine. At Halliday Shores, there are lots of lovely walks to go to with your dog, including along the beach.

3. Routine – Having a dog is a responsibility but it needn’t be taxing. The routine of caring for a pet can give structure and purpose to daily life. You may not always want to get out of bed, but your pets want you to – and isn’t that a good thing?

4. Stress – Older people with pets exhibit fewer signs of stress. Maybe it’s doing more exercise like walking the dog, just stroking a pet has proven to lower blood pressure. Or just being woken up with the wagging tail is enough to make you feel happier!

5. Getting out and about – Having a pet that requires regular outdoor activity helps you get out and about and stay connected with life.  Whether it’s meeting people on your daily dog walk or chatting to the dog groomers, having a pet makes you more sociable.

At Halliday Shores, we understand that having a pet is important for you and your well-being.  Our retirement village is pet friendly and due to our beautiful location on the mid-north coast of NSW – near Forster and right by the beach, it’s a great place to get out and walk the dog! With a range of 5-star amenities and luxury retirement villas, it’s a great lifestyle choice for you and your pet!

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