Residents Grin and Bear It at Halliday Shores


At Halliday Shores, we have more reasons than ever to crack a smile!  While the rest of the State is lamenting the isolation that they are currently enduring, Halliday Shores residents are taking the opportunity to explore new ways to connect with each other.  New ways to communicate, to spread joy and to show kindness.

Take the bears in the windows, on the patios and riding the buggy!  We have an amazing collection of bears, from the stunning, pictured with Irene, to the well-loved, the well-travelled, and even the well-spoken.  We have bears that have made it up trees and bears that ride shotgun on the village buggy—all in the spirit of spreading some cheer through the village, and creating  togetherness, as we spend this time apart.  Go to our Facebook page to see a collection of our bear photos.

If bears are not your cup of tea, and tea isn’t either, then you might like our mobile Driveway Happy Hour that will take place each Friday from 4pm during current gathering restrictions. 


We can take a chair into our driveway or onto our balcony and enjoy each other’s company while we keep our distance and stay safe and well.  If you happen to run out of beverages, the buggy will do a takeaway run for you, from our bar.  Can’t get much better service than that! 


Our buggy is working overtime, doing deliveries of groceries, mail and prescriptions, and in between times running around the village with books and puzzles so our residents can keep their minds active while they take good care of themselves at home.  I have spoken to a few who are really enjoying the down time—apparently retirement can get really busy!

As we speak, we are collecting photos for a guessing competition—who would have known what a good-looking lot our residents were in their 20’s and 30’s!  Quite a lot of residents have said what a lovely feeling it was to dig out those old photos and reminisce.  And planning is well underway for a street art competition—boards and supplies will be placed around the village, appropriately spaced, and residents can spend time creating a masterpiece—one they may have never known existed within!  Artwork will be judged by resident vote and three prizes awarded.  Watch this space—there are sure to be some budding Rembrandts amongst us!

If you are wondering how you can be a part of all of this community spirit, give Janine a call on 1800 223 733 or email her, and arrange your personal tour of Halliday Shores.  We have villas to suit everyone, and one of the sixteen reasons you can leave home at the moment is to look for a new place to live—so get some fresh air and come and check us out. Bringing your own bear is optional!