We here at Hallidays Shores would like you to know that we are taking every precaution to protect our residents, staff and visitors during the current health crisis.  At this time, we are able to say that we have no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our village.

Our staff are mindful of the wellbeing of our residents and visitors and are following all the recommendations and directives of the NSW and Federal Health Departments.  In fact, we are doing more.

The residents at Hallidays Shores are practicing social distancing, and reinventing connectivity at the same time, so they can keep both their bodies and minds healthy.  We have several residents who have returned from holidays and are currently self-isolating, to protect those around them, should they fall ill.  These residents deserve a huge thank you for the care they are showing—this is the sort of community spirit that makes Hallidays Shores great!

We ask all visitors that may be considering dropping in, to give us a call and make a time, so that we can give you a personal tour.  Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us, and by booking your personal tour, we can ensure that you have the appropriate space and the time you need to see our homes in a relaxed manner.

If you would like any more information about our village or wish to book an inspection of our display villa, please contact Janine by email  or call 1800 223 733. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.